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"Early Bird Sale 2021" - 20% off all products - With minimum purchase of $20.00 - Good until Dec 31 2020
"Early Bird Sale 2021" - 20% off all products - With minimum purchase of $20.00 - Good until Dec 31 2020

Winter Squash Collection Heirloom Garden Seeds Non-GMO

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Winter Squash Collection Heirloom Garden Seeds Non-GMO

This collection contains Vegetable Spaghetti, Jumbo Pink Banana, and Waltham Butternut seeds! Not many gardening things are more satisfying than, in the middle of winter, cooking squash from the garden, harvested and stored by you. In this collection, you get 3 great varieties so that you can be eating all winter long!

Winter squash has great storage ability. Harvest it when the plants die back or just before frost. Harvest and cure the fruit in a well-ventilated area, then store at 50 to 55 degrees Fahrenheit.

In this collection, you save on 3 of our favorites. This collection is an $11.94 Value!

Here's more information about each variety you'll receive (1 packet each, for a total of 3):

Spaghetti Winter Squash - This unique squash is also called "Vegetable Spaghetti." Delicious, tender flesh in oblong yellow fruits! The cooked flesh separates into spaghetti-like strands with a mild flavor. Vining plants produce 12' oblong fruits. The fruit contains masses of tasty strings that can be served like spaghetti for a nutritious, low-calorie treat. That store well for fall and winter. Enjoy steamed, boiled, and baked. 90 Days

Jumbo Pink Banana - One of the best squash for all-around kitchen use. Huge cylindrical fruits display lush, pink-orange skin. Its vibrant yellow-orange flesh is firm, thick, and sweet, making it ideal for pies. The nearly cylindrical fruit can weigh over 50 pounds and is ripe when the thin, brittle, smooth skin turns a pink-orange. The yellow-orange flesh is thick, firm, dry, sweet, and not stringy. Best picked when less than 36 inches long. Pink Banana squash is a great winter keeper! 100 days.

Waltham Butternut Winter Squash - Light tan-colored winter squash with small seed cavities and thick, straight necks with a bulb on end. Uniform fruits avg. 9" long, avg. 4-5 lb. The flesh is smooth-textured and has a unique sweet flavor, particularly after 2 months' storage. One of the most popular varieties on the market, it has a nutty-sweet flavor and fine texture. Holds color and cooks up sweet and tender. Waltham Butternut is an excellent keeper. 90 Days.