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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

White Daikon Radish Heirloom Garden Seed Non-GMO 100+ Seeds

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Daikon is a dento yasai or traditional vegetable of Japan. It is a popular, all-season daikon with strong pungency and a nice flavor. Mature roots have firm, white, crisp flesh and are of excellent quality. This is a slow-bolting, open-pollinated variety. Long, crisp, white roots have a deliciously mild flavor when sown throughout the summer and harvested in the fall and early winter. This versatile daikon is notably slow to bolt and does not become pithy, making it harvestable even when the roots get 15-18 inches long. All Season's tolerance to cold weather allows for late radish harvests when other varieties have already fizzled. Perfect for a fall relish tray, it also adds zest and character to soups and salads. Can also be pickled.

1.0 g / 100+ Seeds