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FREE Shipping on all orders over $35.00 use code FREESHIP at check out
FREE Shipping on all orders over $35.00 use code FREESHIP at check out.

Everyone loves summer squash, and the 3 favorites in this Seed Kit ensure that you get all the delectable flavors at a great price! You will harvest the crop of a lifetime by growing all 3 this season! 3 of the Best Summer Squash for Delicious Eating! It contains a crookneck, zucchini, and pattypan. In this Seed Kit, you receive 1 packet each of

Zucchini Black Beauty - Dark green, glossy fruits are long, straight, and slender. A firm, very tender, good flavor. This zuke is a darker green (which means more nutrients), with earlier maturity, and heavier yield. Very prolific will have enough to share with neighbors. 62 days.

Crookneck - Bumpy, yellow, meaty fruits are 5 to 6 inches long. Slender curved neck. It holds and ships well. Excellent eating quality. Continuous yield. 60 Days.

Yellow Scallop - All squash gardens need a scallop variety, and Yellow Scallop is the way to go. Beautiful, bright yellow scalloped edge fruit with a rich, mellow flavor. Yellow Scallop sets the most tender, buttery sweet "flying saucers" we have ever tasted. It likely predates Columbian times, a rare native American squash. Bush plants, good yielder of tender, rounded squash with a scallop. The whole family will love it! Appetizing color, whether picked tiny, with the blossom still attached, or full-size. 50 days

This collection contains 1 packet of each variety, for a total of 3 packets. Please note: This collection is an $11.94 Value!

Each of our hand-picked heirloom garden seeds is carefully packaged in an airtight bag, proven to better preserve freshness than paper packets. Every bag is labeled with this season's information, along with growing tips and germination tests. To ensure safe delivery, each seed packet is sent in a bubble mailer. We honor the "Safe Seed Pledge" and do not stock GMO seeds.

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