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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Rosemary Heirloom Medicinal Herb Seeds

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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Rosemary a member of the mint family, like so many herbs, rosemary’s history is rooted in ancient times. The Greeks and Romans made mention of its medical and mystical properties in addition to more realistic uses in the kitchen. Rosemary found its way into the folklore of many countries where it was thought to ward off evil spirits as well as being a symbol of the fidelity of lovers. Rosemary plants are a classic culinary herb with short, needle-like leaves that have a pungent aroma and taste. Fragrant leaves flavor meats, poultry, and potatoes. Rosemary is an essential ingredient for holiday turkeys, but it adds wonderful flavor to meats, other poultry and vegetables too. It also makes a good addition to potpourris. Rosemary can be somewhat difficult to grow from seeds. Germination can be low and erratic. But a few plants will go a long way! Start seed early indoors. Plants tolerate light frost; set outside early. Perennial in zones 8-10, Great for pots. grown as an annual in the North. When used medicinally or for aromatherapy, rosemary gives relief from headaches, tension, depression, or fatigue; externally, oil of rosemary makes an excellent addition to massage oil for rheumatism or aching joints. This herb gained an early medicinal reputation for improving memory and uplifting spirits.

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