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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

NoDak Pinto Bean Seeds Non-GMO Naturally Grown Open Pollinated Gardening

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This Pinto bean was developed in North Dakota, hence the name Nodak. Can be eaten as a green snap bean but are usually left to mature and harvest as dry beans. It is incredibly tender and easy to cook without soaking. Very nutritious and is used in all types of Mexican foods used for soups and refried beans. Pinto bean is Incredibly early and productive, this bean is easy to grow great for beginner gardeners. It has a low growing, bushy habit with vining tendrils that don't need staking, Pinto bush beans mature all at once. Beans can be harvested when they dry out on the vine. Matures in 90-100 days.

Direct-seed. Planting Depth: 1 inch. Plant spacing: 2 inches. Row spacing of 36-48 inches. Semi-vining habit 3 feet; optional trellis for support. Increase yields by inoculating where natural Rhizobia is low. Soil Temp. for Germ.: 60-80°F. Days to Germ.: 6-10 days. Full sun. Moderate moisture.

0.5 oz. / 35+ Seeds
1.0 oz / 70+ Seeds