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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Nan Ling Cutting Leaf Celery Seeds Non-GMO Naturally Grown Open Pollinated Heirloom Gardening

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Celery Nan Ling Cutting Leaf Celery is used and taste just like its giant cousins, but is much easier to grow and no blanching is required. It is naturally vigorous, it can be grown as cut and come again salad crop and will grow back beautifully. The leaves are best eaten while tender it can be used as an herb or in cooked dishes as you would stalk celery. Great in dressings or for use in soups, stews and salads, pies and stuffing, or any recipe where either celery or parsley is called for. These pencil-thin bright light green stalks can be harvested beginning at about 60 days and continuing through about 90 days. The stalks and leaves have that distinct celery smell and taste and can be harvested in the micro-green stage at about 30 days. The thickness of sowing would depend upon the stage at which the stalks are to be harvested.

0.4 g / 400+ Seeds