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Lucullus Heirloom Swiss Chard Seeds

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Lucullus Heirloom Swiss Chard Seeds

Swiss Chard 'Lucullus' is a particularly prolific variety offering fantastic value. Large heavily savoyed green leaves with celery-like white stalks. Grows about 28 inches high. Fine mild flavor. If left to flower, the flower stalks can also be cooked and eaten like sprouting broccoli. Initially cropping from mid-summer to late autumn, this tasty leaf beet will re-emerge after a normal winter, to produce an unbelievably early spring crop. Great container variety. Harvest baby green leaves after 30 days. Mature plants grow to 24”. 55 days.

Direct sow Swiss Chard outdoors from March to August. Grow Swiss Chard in a well prepared, moist, fertile seedbed in full sun or partial shade. Sow seeds thinly at a depth of ½" in deep 12" apart. Thin seedlings to 3" apart for 'baby leaves' which will be ready to harvest approximately 50 days from sowing. For larger leaves thin to 6" apart, or 9" for mature plants. Water Swiss Chard regularly, particularly during dry periods to ensure that the soil remains moist. Harvest Leaf Beet regularly by selecting a few leaves from each plant to promote fresh growth and to extend the cropping season.

1.5g / 100+ Seeds