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Half Pint Peas Heirloom Seed Non-GMO 50+ Seeds Tom Thumb Peas

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Half Pint Peas is absolutely the best pea variety for container planting! Reaching only 8 to 9 inches in height, it’s grown mainly as a shelling type, but the pods are also sweet, tender, and delicious when harvested very young. Also known as Tom Thumb peas. A wonderful choice for those with a limited amount of garden space. The dwarf vines from this 1800’s heirloom will produce a tasty crop of sweet, delicate peas. A good variety for cold frame planting or container growing

This unusual heirloom originated in England and was first introduced in the US by Landreth Seeds, Philadelphia, in 1854. Even more frost tolerant than most other pea varieties, and, naturally, it requires no staking! Also known as Half Pint Pea. An excellent choice for home gardens. Plants set in rich soil and larger areas produce more pea pods than those grown in containers. 50-55 days.

Peas can be planted outside in March as soon as the soil is warm because the plants can withstand hard frost down to 20 degrees. They also can be sown indoors and transplanted after the last frost or directly sown in containers during the winter months with adequate lighting. These peas mature in just 50 to 55 days. Half Pint peas are easy to grow and tolerate frost. You can grow Half Pint peas in flower pots, window boxes, or in your garden. First available in the 1850 s, Half Pint peas are a super heirloom vegetable. Shell, 50-55 days.

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