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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Green Grape Tomato Heirloom Garden Seeds Rare Grown To Organic Standards Open Pollinated 30+ Seeds Gardening

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Green Grape Heirloom Tomato Plant produces high yields of 1 to 2 oz yellow-green cherry tomatoes with lime-green color on the inside. They are very sweet, juicy, and flavorful. Stays green when mature and are about the size of a large grape. Some grow in the shape of a grape, others grow in the shape of a cherry tomato. Grows in a cluster of 6 to 12. Perfect for making green ketchup, green tomato soups, sauces, and garnishes. Also great for salads and snacks. They are fully ripe when they start to turn a golden yellow. Excellent choice for home gardens and specialty market growers. A 1983 heirloom variety developed by Tom Wager of Tater Mater Seeds in Bakersfield, California, USA. Indeterminate. 78 days. Open Pollinated.

0.1 g / 30+ Seeds