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Glass Gem Popcorn Cherokee

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Glass Gem Cherokee Heirloom Corn is the most beautiful corn in the world. Glass Gem Flint Corn produces a diversity of gorgeous translucent, jewel-colored ears, each one unique. The translucent kernels really do shine brilliantly like glass, on the cob they resemble strands of glass beads! The 3- to 8-inch ears are not only decorative, but edible and delicious as well. Makes firm little morsels when popped, but can also be parched, ground into meal, and more. Bred from a number of Native varietiesby Carl Barnes, a part-Cherokee farmer and breeder from Oklahoma. It was selected from crossing several traditional corn varieties and saving seeds from the vivid, translucent kernels. A bit of the white endocarp shows through, giving the sense of a shining jewel. Glass gem has a wide variation in ear size, ranging from 3 to 8 inches in length. This is beautiful decorative corn but also suitable for eating. Glass Gem grinds into delicious cornmeal or pops into white, fluffy popcorn. It can also be made into grits and hominy.

Corn plants commonly produce numerous tillers, or side stalks, which also grow ears. The height of plants depends upon the quantity of water but can reach up to 8 feet, typically 6 feet. I recommend 50 or more seeds because corn grows best planted in blocks (not single rows). They are pollinated mainly by wind, and if you have just a few plants, they will not get pollinated enough, so you'll get bare and 1/2 cobs. Original strain 110-120 days.

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