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FREE Shipping on all orders over $35.00 use code FREESHIP at check out.

Elecampane Inula helenium

This tall plant is a vigorous plant, with white-hairy beneath toothed leaves and yellow daisy-like flowers, with narrow rays and a darker center. The whole plant seems to follow the sun. It is a tough garden plant and easily withstands adverse conditions. It prefers sunny, moist spots out of the wind. Since Roman times, elecampane has been used for medicine, mainly for its expectorant and carminative qualities. In the Middle Ages, apothecaries sold candied root as a soothing lozenge for asthma and indigestion. Flowers yield yellow and orange dyes. Perennial (hardy in zones 3-8) The plant name, Helenium, derives from Helen of Troy. This plant is said to have sprung up where her tears fell. It was also sacred to the ancient Celts and had the name "elfwort.." Growing Tips: Prefers rather moist, well-drained soil. Direct sow in fall, or spring several weeks before the last frost. Or cold for seeds in the refrigerator for 4 weeks before sowing indoors in spring.

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