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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Cornflower Mix Heirloom Medicinal Herb Seeds


Cornflower Heirloom Medicinal Herb Seeds

Cornflowers also commonly known as Bachelor Buttons, produce an abundance of bright blue long stem flowers from early summer through fall. Charming in beds. borders and meadow gardens. Fresh flower petals are added to salads. Freshly dried flowers are popular for arrangements. Add the flower petals to handmade papers, and potpourri.

Medicinal uses cornflowers used externally as an anti-inflammatory and astringent herb for eye ailments and skin cleansing. An eyewash made with cornflower blossoms is used for conjunctivitis as well as to relieve strained tired of puffy eyes. Cornflower leaves are used to create cleansing facial steam for dry sensitive skin. The parts that are used are flowers and leaves. 75 days.

0.3 g / 100+ Seeds

All our seeds are hand-selected and packaged in resealable airtight bags (each bag is individually labeled), and for the current growing season. Varietal information, growing tips, and germination test are printed on the seed packet.

Our seeds are sourced from local growers and are grown using natural methods. We stand behind the quality of our seed. All our seeds are heirloom, open-pollinated, naturally grown, and Non-GMO. I have signed the "Safe Seed Pledge" and I do not sell GMO seeds.