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California Black-Eye (Cowpeas) Dry Bush

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Cowpeas Seeds were domesticated in Africa, where sixty-six percent of the world"s production still occurs. These garden vegetables are tolerant and do well in dry, hot temperatures and sandy soil. Black-eyed peas are a very self-sufficient garden vegetable. In addition to not needing much water, cowpea plants can regulate nitrogen in the soil. The beans have a creamy texture and sweet flavor, which is well-liked in many parts of the world. Also known as Crowder peas, Blackeye beans, Cowpeas, and Southern peas, these seeds have many different names and produce greenish-purple or cream-colored pods. They contain fiber, iron, calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. Also, they are high in Vitamins C, A, and B6. Black-eyed peas can be canned, frozen, or allowed to dry on the plant for later use. 75 days from seed to harvest.

Direct sow the seeds outdoors, one inch deep. Space two to three inches between plants. Gently firm the soil, and lightly water. Do not overwater, as roots that stay wet can will rot. About one inch of water each week will be adequate. When the pods become filled out, they are ready to be picked. Let the pods dry on the plant if you want dry peas for storage. Store the seeds in a dry, cool, place, in a sealed jar.

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