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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Calabrese Green Sprouting Heirloom Broccoli Seeds Non GMO


Calabrese Green Sprouting Broccoli open-pollinated delicious 18-28" tall with 3-6" diameter head. Will bear until frost in colder areas. A very hardy and very prolific producer of large dark green heads. A popular home garden variety that is richly flavored. After cutting the main head, more side shoots develop, producing much more small to medium-sized heads through the summer. It can be canned, frozen as well as eaten fresh. The flavor of this broccoli will make you never buy store-bought again. 70 days.

Although the heads of this Broccoli variety are typically the only thing utilized, the stalks, buds, and leaves are also edible. Try growing a few seeds to just Micro-leaf stage, microgreens are used like sprouts, as a garnish, gourmet salad, or sprinkled on sandwiches. Harvest with scissors when they have formed their first leaves and add simply add to brown bread and butter or to a pasta dish. They are very tender with clarity of flavour…. a true 'superfood'.

0.7 g / 200+ Seeds