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All domestic orders over $35.00 ship FREE!!

Anasazi Sweet Corn Garden Seeds Non-GMO Naturally Grown Open Pollinated Heirloom Gardening

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Ancient variety from seeds found in Anasazi ruins. Possibly the oldest sweet corn still in existence. This southwestern landrace heirloom is drought-resistant and doesn’t require the extreme fertility and weed-free conditions needed by many modern corns. Likes sun. 7-8’ plants with 2 multicolored ears, 7” long. Grown by Jonathan Spero, who writes "Anasazi is a true landrace variety, variable in many ways. Ear length and diameter, degree of sweetness, color combinations, and plant height all vary. In older times, variability was highly desired... People wanted corn that produced food come wet or dry, hot or cold, and with a minimum of added inputs."

Open-pollinated "Heirloom" corns have a more complex flavor, not so sugary, and shorter shelf life. For the best eating, watch the ears carefully. When the juice in the kernels is clear, the corn is not ready. When it gets milky, the corn is ready to eat. Pick while the juice is milky, not yet pasty. Cook as fast as you can after picking.

0.5 oz / 65+ Seeds