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"Early Bird Sale 2021" - 20% off all products - With minimum purchase of $20.00 - Good until Dec 31 2020
"Early Bird Sale 2021" - 20% off all products - With minimum purchase of $20.00 - Good until Dec 31 2020

Shiso Bi-Color Perilla Beefsteak Plant Herb Seeds Non-GMO


Eye-catching Bi-Color Shiso green leaves with red undersides. Good salad mix item or use larger leaves as sushi wraps or garnishes. Larger leaf and plant than the other shisos. Leaves show the best color contrast when grown in temperatures below 85ºF/29ºC. The flowers are a flavorful addition to salads and Asian dishes. Pairs well with fish, rice, noodles, and cucumbers. The minty, basil-like flavor has hints of clove and cumin. Shiso, also known as Perilla or Beefsteak plant, is a nice addition to the herb garden. Its complicated flavor could become a new favorite without much space at one to three feet tall and only about one foot wide. The leaves rich in calcium and iron are used for seasoning, coloring, pickling, and garnishing. Shiso leaves can be used the whole or cut into strips. Use the flower buds by collecting the seeds to sprinkle on salad and rice at the end of the season. It can also be grown as a microgreen. The flavor is somewhere between Mint and Basil, with hints of Anise and Cinnamon. Red perilla leaves are often wrapped around sushi or served with "sashimi" as a garnish. They are added to soups, tempura, or dried and sprinkled over rice, garnish, or fruit or green salad. Non-GMO. Full maturity in 60-85 Days. Microgreen harvest between 16 to 22 Day

Cold stratify seeds – Perilla seeds need cold weather to break down germination inhibitors. You can place newly sown pots or flats in the refrigerator for 1-3 months or place them outside against a north wall and leave them there until the spring. Keep soil moist. You can also place seeds in a bag and store them in a refrigerator if not planted soon.

0.02 g / 200 Seeds